Investement for the future

We are passing economically difficult times around Corona. We use this time to invest for the future, in our apprentices and therefore in our skilled workers!

Our two appreticeship graduates, Marco Palmieri and Ivan Stojanovic, passed their final apprenticesphip exams as production mechanics. We concratulate the young men on their success! That’s not all, this guys are adding two more years to become polymechanics specializied in sheet metal spinning!

With Albion Ramadani, we have a young man who has successfully completed his first year of his apprenticeship and starts now the second year.

Last but not least, with Tim Matti, we won another you guy who started his apprenticeship as a production mechanic on the 10th of august this year. We wish him a lot of favor and success for his start into professional life.

Never before in the history of Heggli & Gubler AG, four apprentices have been employed at the same time! We do everything to keep and expand our 75 years of know-how in our house by passing it to our apprentices and our empolyees.

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